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Are there labels on cigar labels?

Government Orders Health Warnings On Cigar Labels

The Government ordered tough new health warnings on
cigar packages, requiring manufactures to prominently
display messages warning of the effects of smoking.

Virtually every cigar package, box and advertsment
will have the health warnings as a result of a settlement between the Federal Trade Commission and seven companies that make the bulk of the cigars sold in the United States.

So, in short cigars will come with warnings, just as cigarettes do.

Will no smoking in restaraunts hurt their business?

Anti-Smoking Laws in Public Places in America

Most public places have banned cigarettes, including restaurants, hotels, and even some bars.

Business hasn't been hurt, because people still have the need to visit these establishments whether or not they are able to smoke there.

Should smoking decide custody?

Custody and Smoking

Because second hand smoke is known to cause respiratory problems, there is a very good chance that smoking will be taken into account when determining custody of your children during a seperation or divorce.

Should congress regulate tobacco?

Smoking Lawsuits from the Supreme Court

Supreme Court says that regulation of tobacco should be left to Congress, not the FDA

In March of 2000 the Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 that Congress should regulate tobacco, and the FDA would have no authority at all.

The tobacco industry's attorneys had presented arguments to the Court that the FDA would just have to ban tobacco.

Instead, it would have brought about meaningful FDA regulation of the cigarette companies at the national level.

Why don´t they just outlaw tobacco?

Why not Ban Tobacco Outright?

The anti-smoking lobby says that smoking is a deadly addiction, responsible for three million deaths each year and that because nicotine is as addictive as heroin or cocaine, using tobacco is not a choice once you're addicted.

Further they pull the "children" tactic and says the nicotine industry hooks 60% of its customers before they're even 14 years old.

If tobacco was as dangerous of a killer substance they say it is, it would make sense to outlaw it as drugs are. However, tobacco makes alot of money and that is something they are not willing to give up at this time.

Are smokers responsible for their bad habits?

Smoking Lawsuits

The cigarette ads and the marketing attempts from cigarette companies do not condone our actions as consumers.

Smokers are aware of the health threats related to smoking, and in their decision to continue lighting up, they can blame no one but themselves.

How much are attorney´s making on tobacco lawsuits?

Profiting From Tobacco Lawsuits

It's not unrealistic that half of the settlement money goes directly into the pockets of attorneys.

- Lawyers involved in the Florida smoking lawsuit were asking for $185,000 an hour.

- The team of five lawyers who negotiated a $17.3 billion settlement in Texas' lawsuit against tobacco companies has been awarded a record $3.3 billion in fees.

- The tobacco industry was ordered to pay $775 million in legal fees to five Massachusetts firms that sued on behalf of that state.

How old should you have to be to smoke?

Vending Machines Off Limits to Youth

Vending machines are an anonymous way to purchase cigarettes and are an important source of cigarettes
for youth.

Fifty-one percent of vending machines surveyed were in locations accessible to children. Local anti smoking laws restricting minors' access have failed to prevent cigarette sales to youth.

Some good news is the fact that these cigarette vending machines are becoming less seen, as many establishments have taken them out.

How old should you have to be to smoke?

The Age of Smoking

The law says you must be 18 years old to buy a pack of cigarettes. The problem that has been battled for years now is the fact that a teenager will find a way to buy cigarettes before they turn 18 if they really want to. Things you can do to help prevent this problem are:

- Do not buy cigarettes for anyone, even if they claim they simply forgot their identification at home.

- If you find someone buying cigarettes for a minor, report them!

- If you find that a particular store is selling cigarettes to minors or people without checking ID, report them!

What companies have been on trial over their products?

The Defendants On Trial in Smoking Lawsuits

The cigarette companies that have been on trial are:

- Brown & Williamson, maker of Carlton, Kool, GPC,and Lucky Strike cigarettes.

- RJ Reynolds, maker of Camel,Doral,
Salem and Winston.

- Liggett Group, maker of Chesterfield,Lark and L&M.

- Lorillard, maker of Kent, True and Newport.

- Phillip Morris, maker of Marlboro
and Virginia Slims.

What is the motivation behind the taxes?

What's the Motivation?

There are a couple of reasons that motivation comes into play when it comes to taxing cigarette smokers:

- The hope that making cigarettes more expensive will increase the likelyhood of people quitting.

- Raising money through taxing smokers can help to fund other government programs, including quit smoking programs.

What good is suing?

Smoking Lawsuit Madness

Simply put, suing the tobacco industry may put some money in the pockets of some consumers, but it has not and will not fix the problem that smoking is harmful and deadly.

Cigarettes will still be found on the store shelves, and consumers will continue to purchase and smoke them.

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