Effects of Second-Hand Smoke Tips

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How does secondhand smoke affect infants?

Secondhand Smoke and Children

As many as 300,000 cases of pneumonia and bronchitis in infants each year is known to be caused by second hand smoke. Also, thousands of babies die each year when their mother did not quit smoking while pregnant.

What happens to babies of smokers?

Secondhand Smoke Facts on Smokers Babies

An infant's chance of death at birth is increased by 50% when their mother smokes during pregnancy. Smoking while pregnant does the following things:

- Passes NNK, which is a very potent carcinogen to their child in the womb.

- Increases the chance of the children to become smokers themselves when they become older.

Can you get respiratory disease from smoking?

Your Lungs - Information on Secondhand Smoke

Yes, smoking as well as second hand smoke is known to cause respiratory illnesses including emphysema. Children that suffer from asthma or other respiratory problems are especially susceptible to respiratory illnesses caused by second hand smoke.

What happens to babies of smokers?

Infant Urinary Continine Levels

Breastfeeding while smoking passes harmful chemicals to your baby. The only way to make sure you are not harming a child due to your smoking is to quit.

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