Secondhand Smoke Facts on Smokers Babies

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What happens to babies of smokers?

Secondhand Smoke Facts on Smokers Babies

An infant's chance of death at birth is increased by 50% when their mother smokes during pregnancy. Smoking while pregnant does the following things:

- Passes NNK, which is a very potent carcinogen to their child in the womb.

- Increases the chance of the children to become smokers themselves when they become older.



6/14/2009 11:59:04 AM
oh wow said:

Look I am all for women quiting when they are pregnant.. it is the best thing to do... it does not however cut the survival rate in half. Some doctors will tell the mother to be to not quit cold turkey at once as it can cause shock and have the body reject the fetus. Please get your tips correct.


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