Information on Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

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What are the withdrawal symptoms of smoking?

Information on Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person. The symptoms peak around the second or third day after quitting and then level off. Your nicotine withdrawal symptoms may include:

- Increased appetite

- Cough
- Sweating

- Muscle aches and cramps

- Constipation or diarrhea

- Nausea

- Headache

- Sleep disturbances

- Weight gain

- Irritability

- Anxiety

- Depression



6/12/2007 11:15:16 AM
charity said:

Well I quit 1 week ago and I perspire greatly!!! I feel so shiny! I hate sweating this habit out

12/13/2008 8:11:13 AM
Marlene said:

My boyfriend just quit smoking about three days ago. He's 29 and he's been smoking for 13 yrs. This morning he woke up in cold that normal?

8/31/2009 7:35:37 PM
tigerlove said:

i want my mum stop smoking but she wont listen to me or my dad what should i do?


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