The 5 Ds To Quitting Smoking

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What are the 5 Ds to quitting?

The 5 Ds To Quitting Smoking

- Drink water
Nicotine is water soluble. The more you drink, the quicker the nicotine gets flushed out of your system.

- Deep breath
This is a good stress reduction technique. Many people pick up their cigarettes because they are stressed or are anticipating a stressful situation.

- Delay
Most urges last two minutes, so do your best to outlast your urges, take a walk or eat a carrot.

- Discuss with friends
Having someone to talk to at a moment when you feel the urge to smoke may be the distraction you need until the urge passes.

- Do something else
This will take your mind off the urge you are experiencing. Try picking up a new hobby or keeping your hands busy.



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