Not-On Tobacco-For Teens

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What programs are there to help teens quit?

Not-On Tobacco-For Teens

Not-On-Tobacco or N-O-T is the American Lung Association's newest tool to help teens quit smoking. Here's an outline of how N-O-T works:

- Offers 10 sessions and 4 optional booster sessions through voluntary participation.

- Designed to help teens quit smoking or reduce their smoking.

- Includes selection criteria for facilitators such as a nonjudgmental approach to teens.

- Provides comprehensive facilitator training in addiction, curriculum content and implementation, referral for other help and group process.

- Is gender specific.

- Includes life skills management traiing such as stress management.

- Designed and tested specifically for teens.

- Based on solid research in 15 sites nationwide.

- Includes built-in evaluation component for local tracking.

- Meets CDC Guidelines for School Health Programs.

- Includes a supplemental Alternqative-to-Suspension program for school tobacco violations.



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