Get Medication and Use It Correctly

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Are there medications to help me quit?

Get Medication and Use It Correctly

Medications can help you stop smoking by controling the urge to smoke.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved five medications to help you quit smoking:

Bupropion SR—Available by prescription.

Nicotine gum—Available over-the-counter.

Nicotine inhaler—Available by prescription.

Nicotine nasal spray—Available by prescription.

Nicotine patch—Available by prescription and over-the-counter. Ask your health care provider for advice and carefully read the information on the package.

All of these medications may double your chances of quitting smoking for good.



4/9/2007 12:04:07 AM
Harv said:

This is simply not true - if you use nicotine transfer therapy, which is any of these products - your chances of being smoke free in 6 months is 20%. Go cold turkey and your chances rise to 90% after 6 months.


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