Anti-Smoking Laws in Public Places in America

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Will no smoking in restaraunts hurt their business?

Anti-Smoking Laws in Public Places in America

Most public places have banned cigarettes, including restaurants, hotels, and even some bars.

Business hasn't been hurt, because people still have the need to visit these establishments whether or not they are able to smoke there.



2/26/2007 2:30:51 PM
Banana said:

Since no one can drink until there 21 the same law should go for smoking because when your in you teen years ur stupid and when you 21 you should at least ahev your life figured out by then and know for sure wrong from write thousands of people die a year from smoking or just second hand smpking it is the wrk of the devil

10/10/2007 9:13:12 AM
anon said:

people don't "need to visit" pubs and restaurants. they want to. and they want to less if they cant smoke there.


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