The Age of Smoking

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How old should you have to be to smoke?

The Age of Smoking

The law says you must be 18 years old to buy a pack of cigarettes. The problem that has been battled for years now is the fact that a teenager will find a way to buy cigarettes before they turn 18 if they really want to. Things you can do to help prevent this problem are:

- Do not buy cigarettes for anyone, even if they claim they simply forgot their identification at home.

- If you find someone buying cigarettes for a minor, report them!

- If you find that a particular store is selling cigarettes to minors or people without checking ID, report them!



9/13/2007 10:57:29 AM
Christian Wicks said:

Hello, my name is Christian Wicks... I believe that smoking should be a choice of teenagers of much younger ages than 18! Reporting someone for buying cigarettes for a "minor" is the only wat most can get something that keeps them alive! With all of the humans out there who are manic depressed or bi polar or anything sometimes need to smoke! It's a way to let them relax! I dont care about all of this money being spent fighting to ban tobacco more and more... I want the opposite! I WANT FREEDOM!


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