More Reasons to Quit Smoking - Because of Money Wasted

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How much money do people waste on smoking?

More Reasons to Quit Smoking - Because of Money Wasted

If it's assumed that someone smokes one pack of cigarettes a day at $4 a pack, this smoker spends $1,460 a year on cigarettes alone.

At a period of ten years this smoker would have been able to save, invest or use $14,600 in a more efficient way than buying cigarettes.



2/13/2007 9:09:52 PM
Cinthya said:

I like how you guys really put out something true and cool, I personly think is very true!!! Thank you for the tip!!!!

3/13/2007 4:43:30 AM
Ricky said:

stop it! now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or i'll get Bliss on ya!!!!!!

12/12/2007 3:18:15 PM
XxXShannonXxX said:

i luv this site it's so helpfull!

2/21/2009 9:56:19 AM
sam said:

that is true and it is good you put it there

4/16/2009 10:34:10 AM
lauren T said:

now the average of a pack of ciigarettes is $5.00! $1825 yearly,$35 weekly, $150 monthly,$18250 through 10 years!!!! stop smoking and can you save up to do beter things, like buy a car

4/30/2009 5:57:35 PM
Ray said:

I gotta stop for my son.

12/11/2011 12:44:28 PM
ibrahim said:

i really like this tip because it helps the smokers to realize that smoking is bad also that smoking is every bad for the health even my dad smoke but i told him to stop but he said to me '' i will try to stop smoking''


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